Buffalo Bayou Tour

The Buffalo Bayou Tour winds its way along both banks of this historic and vital waterway that was the original reason to build the city where it is! This tour includes scenic meanderings along the newly renovated bayou pathways. You’ll learn about several of the facilities that host Houston’s acclaimed performance groups. You will experience the peace of Tranquility Park, and visit several key outdoor sculptures that have become Houston landmarks.



Twilight Tour

Following a very similar route to the Buffalo Bayou Tour, this tour gives you a chance to catch the city views while the sun is setting, and the city lights starting to glow. This is a more urban experience than the Buffalo Bayou Tour and a chance to experience the city sites at twilight. When the light of the day fades and the neon of the city brightens you can watch Houston transform itself into a night life destination of clubs, restaurants and theatre and many of our tourists plan a dinner date after the tour in a nearby restaurant or bistro.

Houston History Tour

As the name suggests this tour focuses on the people whose actions have influences the city and the places where formative events occurred. Many prominent and influential people have washed their hands in the Buffalo Bayou, and our tour follows the story to paint a picture for you of the important role the bayou has played in the development of Houston. We visit Market Square Park, the very first park in Houston, and travel through the city to visit historically important churches and landmarks. Our guides welcome you to share your knowledge, and take some of theirs. Please note this is a leisurely tour (Segways are in turtle mode) and does not involve any riding along the Buffalo Bayou.

Houston Graffiti and Street Art Tour

Houston is covered in street art! East Downtown has evolved into a living museum of eye-popping murals adding vibrant splashes of color to building faces, stairwells, train cars, and bridges. Those who love this aerosol art know unlike works in a museum, these masterpieces come and go. There is always something new to see or something breathtaking to catch before it disappears. The only way to catch it all is on Segway Tours Of Houston’s always fresh Graffiti and Street Art Tour. We will use the bike lanes and alleys of EaDo to glide you safely and effortlessly to see everything Houston’s street artists have to offer you.

You can book a segway tour online, or by calling (713) 630-0552  or (866) 673-4929.