Houston Graffiti and Street Art Tour

Downtown Houston Art TourHouston is covered in street art! East Downtown has evolved into a living museum of eye-popping murals adding vibrant splashes of color to building faces, stairwells, train cars, and bridges. The best way to catch this ‘Aerosol Artwork’ before it disappears is let Segway Tours Of Houston put wheels on your feet and glide right up to everything East Downtown and Houston’s street artists have to offer on our Graffiti and Street Art Tour. We use the bike lanes and alleys of EaDo to glide you safely and effortlessly to each work of art. The tour guides on the Graffiti and Street Art Tour are specially chosen for their unique knowledge of Houston’s emerging Street Art scene.

You can book the Houston Graffiti and Street Art Tour online, or by calling (713) 630-0552  or (866) 673-4929.